What's involved in site building?

The long journey to happiness.

A man is down and out of money, deep in debt trying to make it…

The man wants his own life style without the financial worries…

Starting from scratch

“We All Could Use Extra Money”

Here is his story (still on going to meet his goal)

Since 2011 he has been researching the internet for money making opportunities. For the last 5 years of being on and off the internet, when he had spare time he would check out money making web sites to see what ways he could make EXTRA money. During that time without really knowing his computer had a persistent hardware issue that caused his system to crash multiple times and then having to re-install windows several times and loosing his research progress. His Google Mail account was the only data of where to resume his research.

The problem was budgeting and data overload of where to start building free web sites. So he decided to incorporate his web site to help others with similar circumstances. From his research and notes he formed an idea to point other users in the right direction. With links to guide them to finding their answer.

Welcome to his no money and you need money now web site.

This website is not a get rich idea. This web site is focused more towards helping people on a shoe-string budget. This is an Informative website to help out honest living people just trying to have a decent lifestyle.

He has put this page together as to help out other striving people. He is also in the same boat as they are. He thought maybe he can help with what little knowledge he has obtained along the way and maybe meet people with different experiences and issues of trying to setup and start their online business. Knowledge is power.

This web site is work in progress. But in the process we should all strive to help each other. You get the Idea Now? Just like the road to Happiness… The point where you can do whatever your heart desires. But, before you reach that point in your life you still need to do some work along the way. To get to that point as we all know requires work on your part.

His idea is to have a devoted web page to quickly point users in the right direction and avoid less side tracking, allowing us to reach our goal sooner. Then to be like a blind man finding his way to his new home.

There will be a suggestion page for visitors so they can leave their thoughts and opinions of there situation and F.A.Q. as well as a check list to keep YOU ON TRACK.

There is one thing he would like to say and that is to be patient with everyone. Like he said earlier this is work in progress. SO BE VERY PATIENT. If you have a question or questions ask it in the forums relating to your question or in live chat on that web site.

You could call this web page an information linker site to other resources needed to start your business.

This is for people thinking of starting their own affiliate web sites.

Some points to link are:

Web Hosting, Finding your own Niche, Web Sites for Resources, Social Media, Forums and Learn as you Earn web sites to get you going.


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